7 Quick Social Media Writing Tips

7 Quick Social Media Writing TipsIt’s 2012 and social media writing shouldn’t be a burden anymore. Whether you are knee deep in a full-scale social media campaign or just getting launched, here are seven super quick tips about how to write for social media:

1 – Have a block party. The most active and engaged twitter followers have thousands of follows. Feel free to send three or four tweets at the same time to be noticed in their feed.

2 – Set a schedule. Hit social media writing each day at the same time. Think of it as time-specific marketing. The chances are high you will see the same people and can build a genuine relationship.

3 – Don’t have social media ADHD. If you are on twitter, hang out for 30 minutes before you jump over to Google Plus. This will decrease your reaction time and increase your ability to connect.

4 – Get back to basics. Forums aren’t the hot new thing anymore, but they still work and have crazy link juice.

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5 – Talk to people like you would at a bar, and excuse yourself when you have had too much.

6 – Cross pollinate whenever possible. Found a new lead? Cyber stalk them on various social media sites on the same day and send a friendly follow-up.

7 – Don’t sell, sail. Kick back and enjoy yourself, your potential clients will hang out a lot longer that way. If you stress about how to format each post – it shows.

I don’t know about you, but I am pumped to see what new social media platform hits the scene in 2012. In the meantime, these quick tips should keep you straight!

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