The 6 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan For Your Business

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  • Dave says:

    Great article Gina. Many companies are still struggling to harness the benefits of social media. The engagement tips given are what any company should focus on. Particularly the use of image content to maximise engagement.

    I wanted to add that the content for social media campaigns doesn’t need to be complex. It needs to give your targeted audience the content that they want. If they find it relevant and beneficial, it drives engagement.

    I’ve been advising some companies to leverage Youtube social media marketing. Some of the content ideas can be simple and drive new leads or ease the sales conversion process. You can see a few ideas below.

    As you can see, the ideas are simple. And it may generate 10 visits a month. Create 10 new videos per month and then you have 100 potential new leads each month. I works like a snowball effect!

    Youtube is only the surface. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, etc also offer a wealth of untapped lead generation opportunities as well. If companies decide to go down this route, your post is a good starting guide.

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