6 Great Content Discovery Tools For Your Social Media Streams

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  • Thanks for sharing this list! You may also be interested in looking at knowledgefilter.io, a new tool which automatically learns from one’s actions and social network activity to find personally relevant content. (Disclosure: I work on this.)

  • You’re right Ron, Content Discover Tools have leveled the playing field for small and big brands alike. The challenge is to figure out a way to integrate content discovery so you can properly package and promote your curated content to your social channels are enhance your brand awareness without spending an enormous amount of time doing so.

    • Hi Neil, Your article “How to Become a Content Marketing Ninja” suggests a very interesting approach to directing web traffic from curated content to the brand’s web assets. I am aware of the vibrant discussion around this topic on the social networks. Discovering and distributing content that resonates with your audience provides added value by attracting more followers to your social media accounts. It is a long and resources consuming process, and I agree that the challenge is to make it more efficient.

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