5 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Sales

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive SalesIn this modern age more people are relying on the internet to locate and purchase products. With social media at your side you can bring traffic and drive sales to your website. Social media serves as a tool that connects individuals from all around the world, which makes it more unique from the traditional methods of marketing. Businesses can benefit from this by setting up social media outlets while thinking of useful and creative ways to reach their clientele. Remember to link back to your site to drive traffic to it. There should be a moderate diversity between the links you post, so do give credit where it is due!

1)   Connect: Social media is a great way to see what your consumers are saying. If no one is offering any feedback on your products or services, then ask them what they think and how to feel about it. Asking questions and engaging your audience will bring answers to your door while opening it to new people. Always listen to what your consumers are saying.

2)   Inspire: Locate your audience and stimulate them. If you cater to a very specific demographic, make sure you are posting content that is of their interest. While very exciting things may happen to you in your life, only post what is relevant to the business and the industry you cater to. When you post information that is beneficial to the community then you generate a buzz and people begin sharing your work and putting it on the map. You can target your audience and niche by hash-tagging on Twitter for example, or create a contest on Facebook!

3)   Innovate: Brands are always trying to think of new ways to market themselves. It is not only helpful to keep in mind what services you offer, but also how you are different from your competitors. Think of new ways to show how and why your services are unique and use social media to remind your followers. This may be through creating a video on Youtube or posting a Twitter update about new innovations you have.

4)   Stimulate Action: Across all your online content, from your website to your Facebook, make sure you have a very clear way that you can be contacted. This could even be through posting a link after your post that will go to your page. Put your contact information at the top of pages and make them big enough to be clearly seen. Avoid odd fonts and bright colors that might make it hard to read.

5)   Testimony: Now that your clients have found your website online, and have used your services, send requests to happy clients and ask them if they would write an online review for you. Websites like Yelp are becoming more popular because people are able to give their personal review. Facebook pages even have a section for ‘recommendations’. If your customers are happy others can trust you to deliver services to their satisfaction too. Don’t be afraid to ask! Any suggestions will advance your business.

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