5 Unwritten Rules of Effective Social Media Marketing

Since 2005, social networking has been the fastest-growing activity online.

With a 712% growth from 2005 – 2011, the need for social media has been ever increasing.

In fact, there have been predictions that social media will soon overtake search and, as a result, a lot of people are jumping over to the social media bandwagon.

The reality, though, is that social media is easier said than done.

Majority of the people who operate on social media barely get results and to get results, there are rules you have to follow.

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Some rules are common practice while some rules are very important but aren’t usually emphasized enough.

If you want to get results from your social media marketing efforts, here are 5 unwritten rules of social media you must follow:

Rule #1: Having Effective Social Media Presence Doesn’t Guarantee Results

When most people approach social media marketing, they see it as something entirely different and isolated from their other marketing campaigns.

Effective social media isn’t just about having a lot of fans and followers on Facebook or Twitter. Ultimately, you need to realize that you’re on social media for one reason; in most cases, it’s to generate leads or make sales.

To this effect, the first step you should take towards capitalizing on your social media presence is to have a professional website.

Good design doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, though. It doesn’t have to be very expensive as there are easy website builders that can help you create a professional website in minutes without spending a fortune.

A properly designed website should focus on conversions; design your website to be tailored to your social media audience and drive more conversions.

A lot of retweets, Facebook likes or follows don’t matter much if they don’t eventually convert to revenue.

Rule #2: Less is More

It isn’t uncommon to follow a major brand on social media that you really want to hear from only to end up unfollowing them a week later because the noise to signal ratio is too high.

Yes, engagement is important on social media and being personal can be powerful but when you’re using social media to market your brand no one wants to see 200 tweets from you in a day.

You don’t always have to share where you go, what your cat is doing and things like that; focus on contributing value in form of few but powerful updates daily.

Only update your social media account when necessary and let every update contribute value.

Rule #3: Limit Self Promotion

Yes, your goal is to market and promote your brand but a large percentage of your followers won’t follow you to hear more about you; they’ll follow you because they want to learn more about making their life interesting, because they want solutions to their problems.

Of course, it’s okay if everything you create is valuable but it’s also important to let your followers know that you have their best interest in mind.

Be personal every once in awhile, share what others are saying/doing and occasionally promote a product on your social media profiles. By doing this, you won’t come across as a selfish marketer only out for her own interests.

Rule #4: Be Professional

You’ve heard it before “Be authentic,” “be your true self” etc.

Should you really be your true self on social media, especially when marketing your brand?

Not necessarily.

That doesn’t mean you should be dishonest, but there are situations where you have to make better decisions for the greater good.

A great example is when people criticize you on social media or when customers are complaining. It’s easy to get angry and let things get out of hand but the consequences can be unbearable.

There are countless examples of social media campaigns gone wrong and you don’t want to be one!

When a mistake is made on social media, it can’t be corrected. Be as professional as possible even if it means sacrificing a part of you.

Rule #5: Grow Organically

This sounds ridiculous, I know.

After all, who cares about growing organically today when there are thousands of tools that can help you automate social media growth.

Unless you want to lose your brand account or reputation, then it’s good advice to grow organically.

There have been various reports of Youtube discounting video views or Twitter deleting accounts due to massive automation; it’s okay to automate some aspects of your social media, such as sharing, scheduling etc., but the only profitable growth is organic growth.

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  • Great article Joseph! It is very important to read or research about different strategies that you could use in your social media campaign.But we must also put in mind that at the end of the day, it’s still up to us what strategies we are going to use in order to become successful in our social media campaign. It’s not enough to just read millions of blogs about social media strategies. We must analyze everything and consult to the right people that will help us in achieving a better result.

  • Ben Green says:

    I enjoyed reading your article, rule #1 is very important, you want a clear call to action! Otherwise you are just making noise..

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