5 Tips For Creating Social Media Content That Rocks!

5 Tips for Creating Social Media Content that Rocks!We often hear that social media content is KING!

And, there’s a reason for that — social media content encourages sharing, builds lasting customer relationships, helps prime the sales funnel with qualified prospects, and builds your online reputation (brand).

But, creating great social media content is hard — especially if you have to do it every day. And, looking at that blank screen knowing you’ve got to post SOMETHING, can be daunting.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about where all that great social media content comes from.

1. Social media content should provide value to readers.

So, learn more about your readers so you can provide information they’ll find valuable.

Facebook questions is a good place to start. Ask fans what they want to hear. Or post questions at the bottom of your posts asking people what they want.

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Of course, there’s a good way to ask that question and a bad way to ask the question.

If you simply ask fans what they want to read, you’re not likely to get many answers. Instead, ask questions such as:

What’s the single biggest problem you face in ___________________ (fill in the name of the market where your products compete)

Don’t forget to offer options (people like multiple choice much better than essay). Also, remember to invite fans to share the question with their friends. You can even make a contest out of it.

2. Go to your analytics

What social media content gets shared most frequently?

What social media content gets the most pageviews?

What social media content entices readers to stay on the page longest?

Find out what works and create more social media content that readers like.

3. Find trending topics in your area.

I get Google Alerts every day. Each Google Alert gives me links to top content in my area — marketing, social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can bring all these into a Google Reader so everything is right there in one place.

I scan posts from probably 20 blogs related to my area every day.

I use Alexa and Insights for Search to find trending topics suitable for creating social media content.

4. Network

I go to meetings, meetup groups, and just meet friends for lunch to talk about social media and marketing. Often looking at the world through their eyes helps generate potential topics for social media content.

I also find topics arise when meeting with clients and pitching Hausman and Associates. If clients and prospects have questions, likely others out there have similar questions and would appreciate some answers.

I try to keep track of questions after my presentations. Again, these questions are great sources to turn into social media content.

5. Get out there

Don’t just hibernate in your office — get out there, both virtually and physically. Experience other things, but keep your eyes open for opportunities for creating social media content. You’d be surprised how much you can learn just be watching what people do. Or think about your own behavior.

Since I write mainly about marketing and social media, I try to understand why I chose a particular restaurant or movie. What made me want a particular sweater? Why did that man pick up that product, then put it back down again? Is there some pattern in how people navigate busy rush hour traffic that helps me understand how they make consumption choices?

I created great social media content observing how performers create community with their audiences.

And, don’t forget not all great social media content is words. Pictures, video, music, infographics, and other media make an interesting addition to your social media content.

Your Turn

What is the best way for YOU to create great social media content?

Where do your ideas come from?

And, of course, what topics would you like to see covered here (LOL).

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