5 Things To Be Aware of BEFORE You Start A Social Media Campaign

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  • Businesses need to make sure they stay abreast of their social media etiquette. Use social networking sites the way they were made to be used and your business will butterfly. Break the rules too often and you’ll be shunned to the corner of the Internet cafeteria to chew on your ideas alone.Thanks for sharing these tips Ann!

  • Sarah Park says:

    You have very good points of reminders. Social media marketing is indeed very helpful in promoting a site, product or service. But like every campaign strategies, there are still things to consider.

  • Sam says:

    Opening accounts on multiple social media platforms may “quickly overwhelm you”, but if you’re too late someone else may have already registered an account there that matches your preferred social media moniker.

  • Very good points to ponder and heed. Thankx for the reminder. And too bad we can’t make everyone happy all the time (I dislike conflict!). lol

  • Elle says:

    As a ‘noob’ social media manager, I’m still strangling on the ropes I’m just trying to learn…lol This was a great article, and I’ve made some bullet points up for myself to review before I post anything, anywhere for promotion! The hardest thing to do is to find a comment that hooks your readers, i.e. ‘ask a question’ that doesn’t patronize them…I try to do it with humour, but am not always successful. There are only so many times you can state, ‘stare into the spiral, you are getting sleepy…’ lol Thanks for writing this helpful guide! Elle

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