5 Social Media Strategies Full Of Personality

5 Social Media Strategies Full Of Personality image Social Media StrategiesSocial. Media. Strategy. Three words that can suck the fun out of time spent marketing your brand. Allow yourself just an hour to research social media marketing, and you’ll find so many step-by-step instructions, “commandments,” and other purported “essentials” that you might be tempted to throw in the towel altogether.

The truth is, you can’t do it all. An important part of social media strategy – one that doesn’t get enough attention – is that sometimes you have to be able to say “no.” Our approach? Define what’s important to you.

  • Do you like to help people?
  • Are you an entertainer?
  • Are you an information resource?

Once you know yourself, put all of your efforts into furthering that specific personality. Don’t try to be everything at once. You’ll exhaust yourself, and your “strategy” won’t translate to the masses.

#1 – The We’re-Just-Like-You Strategy (Taco Bell)

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Taco Bell knows their demographic(s) to a T. (It’s no wonder AdAge awarded the company its 2013 Marketer of the Year award.) What’s more, Taco Bell does an exceptional job of looking and sounding like the young and hip demographic it wants to reach. Well-composed images, a unified palette of filters, and fun and adventurous images populate Taco Bell’s Instagram handle.

#2 – The Helpful Strategy (Bank of America)

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Maybe creativity and storytelling aren’t your gifts. But you can probably answer people’s questions about your products, right? Bank of America has an entire Twitter handle dedicated to answering customers’ questions. While this is only one aspect of BofA’s social media strategy, it’s a strong one. @BofA_Help has Tweeted 326k times.

#3 – The Talkative Strategy (Whole Foods)

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Whole Foods tweets (almost) incessantly about their content, products, community events, and health/food-related news items. They’re chatty. But they’re not guilty of being one-way conversationalists. Whole Foods also does a great job of responding to mentions on their Twitter account and comments on their Facebook. If you haven’t read about the opportunities out there for brands that are willing to talk online, see this study summary.

#4 ­– The Journalist Strategy (Airbnb)

With its Airbnb Stories campaign, Airbnb has done a wonderful job of going to customers and sharing those customers’ stories in an artful, journalistic form. This is a great marketing strategy – loaded with brand personality – that helps drive home one of Airbnb’s missions: to connect a growing community of users from around the world.

#5 – The Storytelling Strategy (Coca-Cola)

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From outdoor advertising to experimental digital forms, Coca-Cola’s marketing is focused on storytelling. This approach definitely carries over to every aspect of Coca-Cola’s social media strategy. See the brand’s Facebook page for examples, including videos, games, and more.

What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

What social media philosophy does your brand bring to the table? Is it one of the five mentioned here, or something else that’s entirely you? Jump in the comments below.

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