5 Social Media Myths Busted!

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  • I think you are right on target with this article. We continually have to remind current clients about several of these “myths” especially “social media is a sales channel” and “a high number of likes and followers is what’s important”. We try to educate our new clients about some of these assumptions or myths right from the start so expectations remain realistic throughout our management of their social media efforts.

  • “Don’t be tempted to assign this task to someone that is inexperienced or an intern”

    Same goes for volunteers. I know some people are going to fight me on this, especially non-profits, but the fact is, whoever does your social media has to be invested in your business, and pay, is usually a good sign of investment from the company.

    Even if you only have the funds to hire a social media specialist a couple days a week, it’s better to invest in a specialist who knows what they’re doing, instead of a volunteer or intern who isn’t invested in your company and who can up and leave at any time, leaving your social media presence at risk.

    Really great article, though! Love pieces that help to rid the world of ridiculous social media ideals.

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