5 Social Media Marketing Strategy Lessons From 2012

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  • kelly4nia says:

    I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read that said become proficient or at least learn Google+, it may be floundering… It’s the same old thing. How many people are going to hold onto the notion that G+ is going up anywhere, when it has clearly shown and ongoing trend of not doing so. It seems like people holding onto empty hope, and fine, do so, but please will everyone stop holding out for G+ just as a reason to feel like they have an alternative to the reign of Facebook? It just seems an uneducated, miscalculated and naive opinion in such cases.

    • Zaneta says:

      Totally agree, Google+ seems like a total waste of time and yet all blogs keep talking about it like it’s the next big thing.

  • David says:

    Social media has grown from just people communicating and speaking their minds to a world-wide phenomenon. There is no wonder if it will be the biggest marketing tool for 2013.

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