5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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  • There are some really great ideas here. The one I am trying to utilize the most is using the power of blogging in marketing. Thanks for the article. I have found a wonderful book to help me understand social media. The book is called, “Leverage Social Networks to Drive Business Results” by author Lisa Anderson. This a, e-book for business executives on how to best leverage social media networks and build relationships. http://www.lma-consultinggroup.com/

  • Excellent list of the basics! How often we get tied up in the free social marketing tools, decisions to inter-post or not, etc. When usually the basics of look good, sound good, and be good are all that we need to success in social media! thanks for the reminder.

  • You’re right about the timing. Marketers really have to know when to make a post. They have to keep in mind that the larger the audience, the greater the possibility of having prospects. Well, social media can be very useful for marketing if they just follow the strategies above. Thanks for the post.:)

  • Thanks for reading. Timing is a challenge. Didn’t mention it in the post, but there are some free tools like SocialBro that can help you determine what the best times are. Otherwise, just keeping an eye on your analytics and noting the times of the most activity can also help.

  • Great post! I love it when someone talks about blogging as part of their social media strategy. I find that blogging about interesting and relevant topics greatly help with engaging your audience and in helping to increase your web traffic.

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