5 Simple Social Media Resolutions For 2013

how to be successful in social mediaThe new year is finally underway and you have probably started working on your New Year’s Resolutions by now. For me, that is getting up one hour earlier to fit in a workout each day, turning my computer off by 8:00 pm each night and a number of action items that I feel will contribute towards making 2013 a more fulfilling year for me personally and professionally. I am 16 days in and I feel good.

What do you want to achieve this year? What are your personal goals? Have you thought about your professional resolutions? Can any of these goals be achieved by effectively executing a social media strategy?

Here are 5 social media resolutions you should consider to achieve your professional and personal goals this year:

1.) Trim the fat. Only manage the social networks that you can handle on a regular basis. If you presently have 10 social media accounts and are only actively using 3 of them, you need to hire someone to help you implement and manage your social media strategy or trim the fat by selecting the top social media network performers to focus on. Social media is the little black dress in your closet, simple is better.

2.) Talk with your fans not to your fans. The goal is to not just Tweet or Facebook or LinkedIn more but to engage your users more. If you are only posting in social media networks a few times per week and have zero engagement, you are not going to produce the results you want. Consider spending a minimum of an hour a day getting to know your followers, commenting on other people’s posts, retweeting interesting tweets, following new Facebook and Pinterest fans and even answering questions in forums within your industry. Think quality not quantity.

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3.) Think twice. Eleanor Roosevelt said that with “great freedom, comes great responsibility”. One of those freedoms is the freedom of speech which is tested daily on social media. Think twice before sharing your intimate beliefs on politics, religion or sensitive subjects. People want to have a personal connection with companies they work with but they do not want to be disrespected for not sharing your beliefs. Respect for others is the key.

4.) Pictures are worth a thousand words. Whatever your message is, consider saying it in a picture or video. Social network sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube have gained significant marks over the years and are all excellent resources for communicating to your customers. Post your advertisements, inspirational or educational messages, customer testimonials, training tutorials and more. People are visual, invest in good images and video to brand your message.

5.) Never stop learning. Technology and social media are always changing. Enroll in a free social media webinar, take a class at local college or attend a seminar about the best practices of social media. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to implement your social media strategy in 2013.

Social media is truly one of the best places to get to know your customers, Roll your sleeves up, get started planning your action plan for 2013 and have fun doing it!

Hope your year is a happy and prosperous one!

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