5 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Pinterest From Your Social Media Strategy

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  • Hi
    As an artist it is virtually impossible to get your work in front of potential customers because the net has become such a swamp.Etsy is a perfect example of this.
    This has led me to try and use Pinterest in the manner in which
    I think makes it work how it was intended.
    I have set up a board which features some of my work mixed with the work of competitors who I feel are of similar quality.
    This gives the viewer a choice.Some will choose me, some will choose others, at least the viewer gets a chance to compare apples to apples, or in my case dogs to dogs.
    You can check out my board at,

    • Glad to see your views Henriette, by keeping a mix of work you are actually giving options to the user; not many people/brands can do that. I saw your board and would recommend to add bio/profile photo/website/blog/FB link and keep re-pinning others. That is a great way to engage on Pinterest.

  • I completely agree, Pinterest is definitely worth your time. At first I thought it would be a passing phase but it has grown beyond what most expected. It is definitely important to hit all your bases for your social media strategies and Pinterest is one of them.

  • I hope that Pinterest can become an edited search engine.So lets say you are looking up insomnia,somebody will hopefully put up a board where the best sites, with the best tips for dealing with it are pinned.In effect we help each other find relevant high quality info’.

  • It depends what type of business you run. The company I work for… well, Pinterest has no real use for us. There’s no use wasting a load of time putting up pictures if they’re going to be ignored. Plus there’s the thorny issue of copyright law infringement which many people seem to forget about with Pinterest. You can’t just upload any old picture.

    The internet really needs some proper rules being laid out for pictures as it’s all very confused right now and millions of users don’t realise they’re opening the door for lawsuits.

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