5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business With Social Media

Social Media for Business

Want to boost your business with social media? You can, and it can take just minutes a day.

Every small business is worried about a return on investment however, and whether a strategy makes sense for them. Test social media. Create a social media program, and then analyze your website’s traffic. Compare the cost of your traffic from Pay Per Click with your traffic from free social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

You may well find that the visibility you get from social media is well worth the investment.

Let’s look at five ways you can boost your business with social media.

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1. Become Real to Your Customers: You Show That You’re Listening

Advertising blindness is real. If your audience has stopped paying attention, maybe it’s because they’re cynical. When you interact directly with your customers on social media, you’re paying attention, and are showing that you’re listening.

Not only can that make a difference to your bottom line, it’s also the easiest research you can do.

2. Add Value to Your Products With Content

“Content” is all the rage. When you listen to your customers (and your competitors’ customers) on social media, you begin to know them as real people. You can then create content which adds value to your products.

This content helps your current customers, and attracts new ones.

3. Attract Attention and Win New Customers

People talk on social media. When they talk about you, you win new customers. Your honest and friendly responses go a long way to build loyalty.

4. Conduct Painless Customer Research

Customer research on social media is powerful. Not only will it help your marketing, it also helps you to create better products.

Keep track of customers’ tweets, and comments. You can do this via a commercial tool, or you can do it manually.

Doing it manually, although it takes longer, may be more valuable. Send out a weekly or monthly report to your staff: “What customers are saying”.

5. Become More Visible: Real-time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

When you actively engage customers and others on social media, you become more visible. Your interactions can also have SEO benefits, especially on Google+, which is Google’s own venture into social media.

Some social media experts maintain that pluses (+1s) on Google+ are more valuable in SEO terms than Facebook Likes. No one knows. However, since search engines value freshness, your social media interactions will make you more findable on the Web.

If you’ve discounted social media, rethink your attitude. Social media offers easy ways to boost your business. Test them.


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