4 Traits of Compelling and Socially Shareable Videos

Video has become the single most important and effective medium for content marketers, and its popularity continues to grow. Google serves up 188 billion videos annually and Americans consume 75 million video clips per day. In the past two years, video spending by marketers has increased 40 to 50 percent annually. A whopping 76 percent of marketers plan to ramp up again in 2014.

The reason for video’s popularity is simple: it works. Video content is easy to digest and information presented in videos has proven to be simpler for most people to retain. The best news for marketers? Video outperforms other types of content 2:1 in terms of conversion.

Sadly, great content isn’t enough. Your corporate video must be found via search engines and be promoted. Most importantly, it must be easily found and shared via social media. Videos accessed via social media networks and through friend recommendations are more likely to be viewed to completion and are most likely to result in viewer action.

There are many ways to increase the odds of making your video both compelling and discoverable. Below are a few of the fundamental methods that almost all socially successful videos share.

Keep it Current – Trends in video production come and go. Being mindful of current trends is invaluable.  Assume you have a new product coming out. Review the techniques in today’s most expensive corporate product videos to emulate when creating your own, such as this iPhone 5 video from Apple.

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The Apple video uses extreme close-ups, animation, camera motion and audio for a very clean and contemporary look and feel. When outsourcing corporate video content, be clear about what your contractor will do to make your video look modern. To save time and production costs whether outsourcing or DIYing it, find some cutting edge stock footage to help accomplish that same level of polish and add a bit of flair. Stock footage can be fantastic these days, such as seen here.

Make it Engaging –If your company or product is compelling, then something straightforward and informational might be enough for your video to go viral. In most cases, however, you’ll need to find something extra.

One of the most popular recent trends is to provide content that is 95 percent entertainment and five percent brand. Think it as a snippet of entertainment brought to the viewers by a single sponsor.

The best timely example of this is the series of ads promoting the Dodge Durango starring Will Ferrell in his Anchorman character. They have helped sales of the SUV for October increase by a staggering 59 percent, according to Chrysler Group data. Ironically, they promote the car and the movie sequel simultaneously by saying virtually nothing about either. One of these spots focuses primarily on the qualities of the truck’s glove box! Even before first TV airing, the entire series was introduced via social media Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy Ad and went viral immediately thanks to the bloggers who cover social media.

Short and Sweet – In social, shorter is better. Twitter, Instagram and now Vine, have trained people to consume content in bite-sized chunks. People are 50 percent more likely to complete watching a one-minute video than a two-minute video. That said, long-form video is far from dead. Tutorials, short films, and how-to videos are still popular. Just ensure going long serves you.

Make Sound Choices – Sound quality is as crucial as what is being seen on the screen. Poor recording levels or garbled sound will make people bail. Beyond quality, the type of music, sound effects and voices used for a video can make a dramatic difference in what a video communicates. Just check out the viral video, Scary Mary from a few years back where someone turned the trailer for the beloved children’s classic movie, Mary Poppins, into a horror film by simply altering the sound and changing the tempo of the title track.

There are many outlets where royalty free stock music pieces and sound effects can be purchased affordably, such as audiosocket.com. Need narration? Companies like Voices.com can also provide professional voice over services for extremely reasonable prices.

What are your tips for keeping audiences engaged with your corporate videos?

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