4 Social Media Metrics You Should Measure

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  • thomasoutt says:

    These are all good point, especially for business. My needs are not as definable, and not as measurable, as I blog for my personal enjoyment. But I do value the tools used for feedback, so I can see where I am resonating, build on that, and either define weak areas, or eliminate some aspects of the blogging entirely. Just got KLOUT a few weeks ago, and it was fun seeing the score go from 24, to 44. It takes time to get there. I am sure the higher it goes, the more challenging it will be to raise the bar, so to speak, but I like KLOUT’s ease of use, and how accessible it is. So, I can say that it is helpful to learn where & when you are being effective-you don’t have to be in a business to want/need tools that provide you with a method of determining when it works & when it does not.

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