4 Social Media Marketing Lessons From The Top Colleges

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  • Katie Abrams says:

    These are great lessons for colleges to take into account when using social media. I almost wish I had thought about this and looked into social media platforms more when I was in high school deciding. Social media platforms weren’t as important when I went through the decision process, but now colleges need to take advantage of it. Unlike papers and magazines, I think social media platforms allow colleges to give themselves their own identities and personalities. This is something you can’t necessarily get out of simply visiting their website or taking a tour. I also agree with using a variety of content. Kids are going to want to look at posts and find something they relate to, so having something for everyone to relate to is vital. After this I am now interested to check out the Facebook pages of different colleges and see how they utilize the site.

  • David says:

    Some great ideas here, especially the idea about sharing news in good time. There is so much going on on the Web, it seems that people really only have time for the stuff that is happening right now. If it isn’t ‘five minutes ago’ it isn’t relevant.

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