4 Social Media Applications I Will Stop Using In 2013

Applications, computing, foursquare, Hootsuite, klout, mass media, Media, Media Applications, Media Influence, social media, Social Media Applications, social network, social networking, Software, TwitterThese weren’t easy decisions. But I had to make them.

I decided to stop using a number of social media applications. I’ll tell you why below.

Mike Brown of Brainzooming wrote a post once illustrating his own struggle with the questions of how to keep up with social media and its platforms. Back in 2010. Now there are more. And the pressure is greater.

So for 2013, I chose to stop using a number of applications that simply didn’t fit with my brand and my purpose online. These applications were fun, sure. But I wasn’t delivering value for others as a result. And since my brand is about helping people, I won’t be crying too much over this spilled milk.

Here are the four social media applications:

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klout, influence, social media

I’ve written about Klout a number of times. I wrote how to measure your online influence early on. Then as I started to sour on Klout, I wrote Is @Klout losing credibility? It started to feel like a selfish place to wallow in your personal brand. And a place to become an advertising target. I once used it as a way to know whether someone was worth following on Twitter. But since it, like many other influence sites, can be “played”, it really doesn’t feel that helpful anymore. Back to my brand, can I help people via Klout? Not really.

foursquare, social networking

I first learned about foursquare in 2010. I wrote about using foursquare to manage your personal brand. I had fun with it that year at South by Southwest (SXSW) – so many places to “check in” and learn where others were checking in. There was some utility there. Now I feel like I’m just wasting my time. And, like Klout, I feel like a data providing sacrificial lamb to advertisers. While you once used to get a lot of fun and free things when you checked in somewhere, now you just get offers from companies to buy stuff. Not very rewarding. Back to my brand, can I help people via foursquare? Yes, I can tell them to “try the veal”. But I can’t help them find a job, build a better career or learn how to market themselves.

empire avenue, stock, eaves, influence

I learned about Empire Avenue from a guy I met at a coffee house here in Mission Viejo. It is a cool idea. And not something I take pleasure in running away from in 2013. I met one of the founders in 2011 at a “board meeting” in San Clemente and it has been fun to be a part of a new and incredibly fast growing platform. I wrote about it in 2011: Empire Avenue: More Social Media Influence Evaluation. But I have a number of issues with it. Like many of the “influence” sites, it is played by masters (social media spammers) and requires a lot of time. Oh, and my ability to help people there? Not much opportunity. The good news? I’m leaving on a high stock price of about 120.Until people read this post and sell me.

Pinterest, pin, pinnin, social media

Pinterest is an amazing social network. It’s just not going to be mine. While I won’t delete my home there, I just can’t justify spending any time on the site. Maybe if I spent some time working it, I could. But I won’t. And I don’t think I should. So there.

So what do these decisions allow?

They allow me to focus my time and attention on sites where I think my brand benefits most and, more importantly, where I can offer ideas and strategies in a way that will help the most people.

What sites are those?

LinkedIn, WordPress (Blogging) and Twitter (via Hootsuite), YouTube and Facebook (although a fading fifth place).

Where will you re-focus your time in 2013?

Thanks baracoder for the photo via Flickr

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  • As a Social Media Marketer, I can understand your decisions on not wanting to participate in those communities. I see huge value in Pinterest though, and placing Facebook as your fading fifth place market? Can’t say I understand that one..

  • Hi Caitlin – Thanks for that reaction. As I said above, it’s not hat I don’t see Pinterest as a huge platform, I just don’t see it as being a huge platform for me. As for Facebook, my investment there is becoming less and less valuable as reach numbers have dropped dramatically since promoted posts came out. Not leaving, just re-evaluating.

  • Dominique says:

    Hi Tim. I like your analysis and practical approach.

    For Pinterest, I think it’s too early to tell and for Facebook, I believe that FB has no other choice but changing towards being more useful for brand.

    I believe that the capability to target advertising to a list of emails/fb profile goes into this direction.

    On influence: We’ve a different approach to measuring influence i.e we start with “maven” (people that write interesting stuff) and expand from there to “connectors” and our measurement system is not gameable. If you’re interested, just drop me a note or a Linkedin message ;-)

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