3 Tips for Viral Social Media Marketing Using Memes & Storytelling

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  • Great piece! I believe that long term changes in health behavior is affected by story. “The stories we tell about ourselves, about who we are, are the most difficult to rewrite. (Q.Pallas)

  • It’s also worth considering that –as is the case with all social marketing– there is risk of damaging backlash involved in all of these techniques, especially memes, where the very lack of ownership that makes them so attractive can lead to trouble.

    Groups often have “perceived” ownership of the images or concepts displayed in memes, and indelicately using them to promote your own ideas can lead to backlash and accusations that you are co-opting the meme and its contents for your own gain and trying to ride the its popularity to your own success. Though this is partly true, the negative backlash that can often come from it, as did from a recent Vitamin Water commercial featuring dozens of popular internet symbols.

    As usual with marketing, meme usage merits careful consideration and discretion where taste and appeal are concerned. They can be an incredibly valuable or damaging tool, but it all comes down to the person using them.

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