3 Social Media Platforms Your Cannot Ignore

Social media has achieved an unprecedented amount of growth over the past few years. It has become seemingly ubiquitous in today’s era. For businesses, it is a powerful and efficient medium of interacting with clients, promoting their brands and so on.

Although all social media platforms are good, I would suggest that you give priority to three networks namely Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I have taken the first two on the basis of their sheer size and the third one because of its useful tools and links (to Google searches). By using these networks daily, will build you’re brand’s awareness in the least amount of time.

• Facebook


One definite reason why you can’t choose to ignore Facebook is because of its massive amount of users (over 900 million). Promoting your brand on Facebook will give your exposure to an even larger audience. Moreover, you can interactive with clients in an effective manner, such as responding to their queries in the comment section, liking their photos writing on their wall (which will be visible to others).

• Twitter


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The immensity of Twitter cannot be compared to that of Facebook. But that doesn’t mean it’s insubstantial. Twitter has a gargantuan community with a user-count exceeding 500 million. Moreover, it is widely known for its immediacy. And having a smartphones just makes it a touch easier to use. Through Twitter you can daily upload a photo of something connected to your business (just to give your followers a peek to your). Doing so will arouse curiosity among your followers, which will further lead to conversations.

• Google+


Google+ is quite useful for businesses. It you want to make the most use of it, in a relatively short amount of time, then remember to press the +1 button for businesses you’ve had pleasant experiences with. By doing so, you are actually sharing your recommendations with your clients, providing them with quality service and strengthening your relationships with the suppliers.

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