3 Simple Ways to Use Social Media Intelligence for Business Development

How does your business use social media intelligence?

Using social media for business development and marketing purposes is the first step in your social media strategy. How you use the social data gathered through Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Sprout Social and other social monitoring tools is what will set you apart from the competition.

According to the Social Media Explorer, social media strategists within organizations spend approximately 2.5 hours per 40 hour-work-week analyzing social media analytics. This includes social media measurement and reporting. What happens during these important 2.5 hours? Here are three examples of how businesses use social media intelligence:

how businesses can use social intelligence 1. Find your brand advocates. Using Google Analytics, you can easily find which websites are linking to your website on a regular basis. Open Google Analytics, select Traffic Sources, click Sources and then choose Referrals. Here is where you’ll find all the websites that link to your website. Check out the various sites and you’ll most likely find other blogs that are talking about your services and/or products. Thank them via their comments section. This is how relationships grow via social media.

2. Improve your content strategy. Are you stumped for ideas when it comes to blog writing? Don’t worry, it happens to me too. I use social media on a regular basis to see what other people are talking about. I scan Facebook, Twitter and my favorite blogs to see what’s on people’s minds and what’s causing a lot of buzz. Don’t forget to check the comments section on other blogs too. If a topic is causing a lot of discussion, you know it’s a great idea to write about. Add your own spin or perspective.

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3. Analyze your social budget. Which social media platforms generate the most leads for your business? When it comes to social media, return on investment (ROI) is important. Analyze your efforts across all your social media channels on a regular basis to see which platforms work the best. Re-evaluate your social strategy every three to six months based on this information. This is one of the most vital aspects of social intelligence as it’s most likely what your boss cares about the most; increasing the bottom line.

How does your business use social media intelligence? How much time do you spend analyzing your social data? Please feel free to share your thoughts and insights in the comments below.

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