3 Signs Your Company Should Add YouTube To Facebook

So, you got yourself a pretty successful Facebook. You have hundreds, or even thousands, of followers with highly engaged content that people love to comment on and share with their friends and followers on their own Facebook profiles. Despite all of this success though you are still ready to get even more results and get even more exposure–but what is next after this? Maybe it’s time to consider adding YouTube to that Facebook business page of yours.

One of the biggest competitors in activity to Facebook happens to be YouTube, as millions upon millions of videos are watched and uploaded with nearly billions of views. With those sort of numbers, it’s obvious why businesses are starting to pay attention and beginning to add youtube video to facebook.

There are three signs that your own business is ready for YouTube implementation to Facebook. Start boosting your Facebook retention, add YouTube video to Facebook!

1. Your content engagement is at a plateau

Like with most social media marketing effort, Facebook gives analytics and reporting tools to their users so you can make sure you are targeting the right kind of customers for your business. One of the analytics you can follow is the engagement and “viral” factor of all your posts on Facebook by looking at line graphs of data. If you’re noticing that your written and image content has been seeing a peak and not rising then maybe it’s time to bring some video to your strategy.

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Almost all professionals in marketing agree that Facebook pages need to be able to bring a little bit of everything to the table. Images and video, however, see the best results from users on Facebook. They can be easily consumed and are the most shared types of content.

2. Website heat maps and videoAdd Youtube Video To Facebook

When you want to add YouTube video to Facebook, you need to look beyond your Facebook page and at your overall data for what kind of content is bringing in leads. If you’re already using video on your website and landing pages, why shouldn’t you also add YouTube video to Facebook? Heat maps can be used to see if users are instantly attracted to video on your website, which then can be used to add a youtube video to Facebook.

3. Your video and social media are too segmented

Are you seeing too much of a rift between your Facebook and content? It might be because sharing your content is too difficult for the end user or the sharing is too segmented. To make sure the people viewing your video have instant access to your social networks, perhaps it is time to link your YouTube content right into Facebook and vice-versa.

One of the biggest problems of any business is not being able to streamline all of those leads simply because of “miscommunication” between your content and Facebook, but you don’t have to fall for into that pitfall.

Though Facebook might not be doing too well when it comes to its stocks, it still remains the king of social networking and still has many years ahead to keep that title. In order to stay relevant, you must be able to change easily and adapt with the times. Right now, video happens to be one of those factors to adapt with.

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