3 Signs Your Social Media Marketing Sucks

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  • I agree with not posting often enough. That is the single biggest mistake I see businesses make when they are first getting started.

    – Bryan

  • Posting too often is another HUGE problem for most companies or groups. More FB pages get unliked and unfollowed, or simply blocked in the news feed that way.

  • Thanks for reading, Bryan and Jim! Jim, I should probably do an entire separate blog on posting far too much. You are definitely right – it’s all about balance and finding the right formula.

  • The 4th problem I would say is Buying Facebook Page Likes to beef up the count. Although it is logical to increase your likes so that you can start your social media activities for your followers, but the issue is, a lot of people Like a page because their friends like a page. And these people have no real connection to your brand or what you offer. So, they will hardly ever engage with the content that you produce.

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