3 Reasons Why Social Media Branding is Important For Your Business

He was the popular kid – the star high-school quarterback, the star student, the silly kid in every class that all the kids loved and all the teachers, in spite of the disturbances, adored as well. He graduated from high school, rode his popularity through university, and, today, is a successful lawyer. He’s the archetype for your successful lawyer or businessman: He’s who you want to be, at least financially. Not all of us were so popular in high school, but that doesn’t preclude business success. These days, there’s a different, more important, more powerful form of popularity: Social media branding.

3 Reasons why Social Media branding is important for your business

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

Unlike in school or in the workplace, how you look and how you talk on the spot aren’t important in social media. This is why social media branding is so useful, and so important: People will form their own, favorable conception of who you are, so long as what you say is amicable, relatable, and well-phrased. If you get your social media branding right, your customers will absolutely adore you, because they’ll create a personality they like for you and your enterprise.

3 Reasons why Social Media branding is important for your business

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Be Everywhere

The main advantage to having a strong Internet presence is the fact that you’ll be everywhere. You’ll be in every pocket that holds a smart phone, on every desktop computer in the world, on every laptop. And if you have a seriously respected presence on Facebook, Twitter or any social media networks as well as a well-engineered brand, you’ll be all the more powerful, recognizable, and trusted. Social media branding is important because it’ll make people like you, but also because it’ll help you get others to share your product or services with their friends, which will make you a viral presence on the web.

3 Reasons why Social Media branding is important for your business

Low-Cost Marketing

Social media branding is the lowest-cost form of advertising you can employ. Of course, it’s expensive in terms of time to develop a successful marketing campaign, and it’s expensive in terms of money to hire a design team, but in the long run, it costs almost nothing to run ads or launch a campaign on social media networks. What’s more, people will do a lot of the advertising for you, by sharing your posts and popularizing your work without your having to do much of anything. Social media branding, then, is your way to get loved, get noticed, and save money.

3 Reasons why Social Media branding is important for your business

Success is Just a Soiree Away

In order to be successful in business, people have to know, like and trust you. Social media branding helps you become an authority in your industry. Of course, these things alone don’t guarantee success, but they’re necessary conditions. It’s easy to see why social media branding is important, then: It lets you be the star of the day’s web, and it lets you be a rich star, at that. So start branding yourself on social networks today. Trust me – you will be glad you did.

Now it’s your turn!

Let’s turn it over to you.  What ways have you used social media for your business or personal brand?  Please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!

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3 Reasons why Social Media branding is important for your business

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