3 Highly Effective Ways to Optimize Your Pins and Online Presence

In the over-crowded social media sphere, there is one major way to squeeze through to the world of your consumers, and that is by increasing your brand’s reach. The more social outlets you have to make connections, the better. And with the invention of Pinterest, your reach and creativity must increase to rise above the strong, prevalent images. It can be easy to think of Pinterest as solely a visual platform, with very minimal focus on captions. In fact, it’s common to see users simply use “.” as a the only copy, as you have to have at least some form of description to upload your pin. But this is a huge missed opportunity to further optimize your profile and your brand’s overall SEO. Here are 3 simple ways to get your pins seen by consumers, all while cross-promoting your website and other social media platforms.

1. Use Hashtags
Hashtags are simply keywords preceded by a hash symbol (“#”) that makes them both searchable and linkable. They categorize your posts – making hobbies, articles, websites, blog posts, all easily searchable. They are not case sensitive or space sensitive, and are the fastest way to discover and browse on social media. Not utilizing them, is almost equivalent to throwing perfectly good food down the garbage disposal – a total waste!

In this pin for client Billion Dollar Brows, we utilize hashtags “#Vintage,” “#Brows,” and “#SophiaLoren” to categorize the pin and optimize them to be search-friendly.

2. Include Links
Pinterest will automatically link images to the original source, but there is something about visually seeing a link, that makes us want to actively click. This link will often last during the process of a re-pin and should be a best practice for your all of your company pins when appropriate.

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In this pin for client Billion Dollar Brows, we make a point to include a link and customize the URL to say “Mario” so users will know where they are being directed.

3. Remember to Network with Fellow Pinners
In your attempt to find the balance of optimized and aesthetic pins, don’t neglect the fact that Pinterest is still very much a social platform. Be sure to “Like,” “Repin,” and “Comment” on other profiles in order to further grow your network and get your brand noticed. Of course, be strategic with what you are engaging with, ensure that it is in line with your tone and presence – but do remember that the more you give, the more you will get. Just like all social media communities, in order to spark interactions, you must first put forth energy and cultivate relationships with other users and brands.

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