2012 Social Media Report: Mobile, Social Care & What This Means For Marketers

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  • It’s funny I reached out to a company by email and then I tweeted them. They responded to the Tweet within an hour and the email within 24 hours.

    I like using social media for customer service as oppose to the telephone. Some great stats here and thanks for sharing.

  • Social media is becoming a great place for customer service. If a customer or follower posts about a service or product they received, the company responds as quickly as possible either thanking them for their praise or addressing the problem they are having. Because complaints on social media pages are public, companies feel that they need to address them more quickly.

  • Hi Jos, great article. I once did some basic research on Twitter and Facebook, and realized that a large group of people are looking to have basic customer care (social care, as you call it) on company pages. The data you’ve given on this post is a great incentive foe companies looking to gain a presence on social media by providing timely social care. I’m bookmarking this!


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