2012 Olympic Games’ Social Media Guidelines: Has The IOC Taken it Too Far?

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  • Frank says:

    It amazes me how they say this is a social media Olympics yet there are more restrictions than there is competiting restrictions. And also why is there no Ortsbo? http://www.ortsbo.com they are a translation company that translate in real time. Whats the point of having a Social Media olympics if we cant even communicate with people in other languages? Ortsbo would allow someone who i English to communicate with someone else in 53 other languages in real time…

    • That would have been well planned out, yes. But what the IOC has taught us (if anything) is that they do not understand social media, so it makes sense that cool features such as Ortsbo haven’t been thought of…

      Thanks for your comment, Frank!

  • Megan says:

    It’s unfortunate that the IOC needs to put these guidelines in place to protect their brand. We will certainly miss the personal connection that makes the athletes seem human like the rest of us!

  • Brendan says:

    Great Post. Some of these guidelines are unbelievable. The connection between fans and athletes that social media gives us is one of the best parts about watching sports and athletics these days. It’s too bad the IOC is limiting social media for the participants. On a side note, thought your readers might like this http://olympics.postano.com/ Lets you follow multiple athletes and teams through the 2012 Olympics.

    • Hi Brendan,

      I completely agree! Social media is a major part of today’s Athletes’ marketing strategy, and the limitations and restrictions are just bewildering. All out of fear and a lack of comprehension.

      Thanks for sharing the link – I’ll be sure to check it out!

  • Brendan says:

    A great example to your point Melissa, of Athletes using social media as a marketing strategy…

    Supposedly last year, Thierry Henry put an Ad for Puma on his Facebook page “40% off Friends and Family Holiday discount” and it created 592 people to like it.

    Not sure it’s right to the Athletes who are performing in the Olympics, to limit their social media interaction. Thus, like you say, limiting their marketing strategy and potential earnings. Yet, it’s okay for Companies and Corporations to profit off of those same Athletes in this year’s games. Crazy!

    • That’s a good point, Brendan. That there are restrictions for the athletes, but not the brands. Though the IOC can’t put rules out for every brand in the world, they could have perhaps thought of this in fairness for the athletes, before developing their policy…

      Thanks for the great comment, Brendan!

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