13 Ways For Brands to Use Vine for Social Media Marketing

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  • Sarah Park says:

    I haven’t heard of Vine before, but this seems promising to use. I guess this is worth a try.

  • Hi Sarah! Vine is very new, it debuted only a couple of weeks ago. There are many brands that are already utilizing it though, so it is fun to see the different ways people are using it.

  • John P says:

    haven’t heard of vine, but will definitely look into it…social media and marketing have fractured into all these niches…just like television…

  • John, I like your insight about social media and marketing being fractured into niches. This is true, but I think good for both brands and consumers, because it means more opportunities to connect with a specific target marketing and zero in on specific topics instead of just going out and sort of “spraying” the web with your content, hoping a sprinkle lands on a relevant user.

  • Chipper says:

    The @SFGiants use Vine in a pretty cool way. Showing batting practice and a quick plays.

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