120 Tweetable Tips on How to Achieve Social Media Success

Recently, we asked individuals to share their best social media tip but with a catch – the tip could not exceed 140 characters so that it could be easily shared on Twitter.  The outpour of responses was fantastic and after reading through them all, one common theme bubbled to the top – real, authentic and transparent engagement is the key to social media success (over 50% of the responses touched on this theme).  Below is a look at all of the responses.

120 Tips for Social Media Success in 140 Characters or Less

  1. Focus on adding value to the conversations within the communities in which you participate and be sure to highlight/thank others. @briansrice
  2. Join in the conversations; engaging other Tweeters will lead to more followers; slamming your competition reflects badly on you, not them.   @kg_photography
  3. Respond to your audience. Dont be a one way conversation. @KinseySchofield
  4. Ask questions. Engage your audience. Let them know that their opinion matters. @KinseySchofield
  5. Provide interesting (entertaining and/or useful) content. Don’t just broadcast. @monicahamburg
  6. When it comes to social media, the first question to ask isn’t “how?”- its “why?” @rickmathieson
  7. Don’t just talk, listen @rickmathieson
  8. Successful social media strategies are those that make creating and growing connections into lasting relationships the highest priority. @RbClassical
  9. When you are communicating through social media, the focus of your message should be ‘your community at large’ and not ‘yourself.’ @amazonkelly
  10. Give people great content & mix in some personal info too so people get to know you. Build the know, like & trust factor & u will do great! @DianeConklin
  11. Engage, Learn, Curate and Follow; tweet with passion- mixing original content and topics that are of interest to you. #beyourself @LeslieRichin
  12. Social Media is about building relationships. Don’t just push one-way communication, interact with your brand champions. @TheGMDGang
  13. Update regularly with valuable and engaging content. @TheGMDGang
  14. Interact with users with one authoritative voice and be sure to remain authentic and transparent. @TheGMDGang
  15. Twitter is a powerful tool for getting feedback. Take time to listen to what people are saying about you, your company and your brand. @MattSF
  16. In order to reach true engagement on your social channel you must engage beyond the editorial calendar and become an active participant. @LeslyCardec
  17. Loyal customers 2x more likely to share opinions via social media – listen to the conversation & be ready to take action! @AnnaHutson
  18. To build trust and credibility, don’t just be a broadcaster: listen to new people, ask questions and engage. People like humans, not robots. @sacevero
  19. Don’t automate ALL of your posts, it’s a “social profile” not a talking robot. @Donaldson59
  20. Give to your followers/fans. Give them tips, giveaways, exclusive content, and ask them what they want. @DoughNuttz
  21. If you’re a brand on Twitter, write like a person. Thank ppl who RT you. Join convos that have nothing to do w/yr company. @Share_And_Tell
  22. Interaction is key. Integrate call-to-actions to generate conversations + activate new relationships. @Stephanie00
  23. It is not about quantity, it is about the quality @DoughNuttz
  24. Social media should be 92% giving and 8% getting. Steer clear from show up and throw up. Show up and give instead. @missfitts
  25. #Listen, #strategize, then #engage in authentic conversations. Always be open + honest @DevinePowers
  26. Treat your social media interactions as you would a live networking event. Be personable, authentic, and interested in people. @suzyturn
  27. Always lead with value and make it your goal to provide something useful to others. Value will draw quality contacts. @suzyturn
  28. Give your brand a personality, constantly shooting out marketing messages will lose their interest, mix it up, interact, be relatable @brewhouseprlou
  29. Reply 2 tweets 2 keep orig tweet intake as opposed to RTing. Makes convo easier 2 follow @JannMirchandani
  30. Create a LIST as a goto spot 4 a specific niche, then each day conduct a twitter power hr 2 engage @ConvoCounts
  31. Personal daily or more interaction is the key. Do more than just promote prices or specials. Respond to all feedback on social media sites. People like the interaction with the business owner. @theburgerdive
  32. At least 3x a week spend 5 minutes expanding your LinkedIn network by reviewing the “People You May Know” list and making new connections. @SherpaSocialMed
  33. Share relevant content to you or your brand, it makes you interesting and provides value/reason to follow you. @KidCriticUSA
  34. Tweet often and tweet relevantly. Create meaningful contact. You don’t have to spam to get your name out there. @bitesizepr
  35. You MUST provide unique content. Just having a web presence isn’t enough – engage with content, develop a captive audience @Joshsinger33
  36. You’re a person, not a computer bot. Have fun, engage and be personable. People want to interact with people! @NLawhead
  37. Treat it like a conversation. Listen, answer, help out. Using social media as a podium to make your announcements wont get you far at all. @zheller
  38. Attract potential customers with incentives & calls to action. Engage them with a natural & fun voice identifiable to your brand @amzini_com
  39. Keep your followers invested in your company and tweets by focusing on engagement and not sales tactics. @CurleyDirect
  40. Provide valuable content, NOT your sales pitch! Sharing useful tips and industry news establishes your credibility and nurtures leads. @GrassRootsInc
  41. You must above everything engage your audience/customers, ask for feedback, pictures anything. @manicpanicnyc
  42. Social Media is a 2 way street. Listen, Respond, Engage. & Keep it short so others can RT @PRTips
  43. Don’t be afraid to infuse personality… people don’t like robots (sorry, Rosie). @KellyTherese
  44. Just like in the real world, be polite. Respond and acknowledge. @KellyTherese
  45. Give ‘em what they want! Make your posts both helpful and positive so they see you as an expert, but also fun and approachable. @emciemedia
  46. Do not use #SocialMedia like a megaphone to advertise your brand, be personal @PatHanavan
  47. What’s the value of your tweets and how do you differentiate yourself? Better yet, how would you answer if someone asked “so what!”? @sohosalescoach
  48. Be helpful, friendly, accurate & giving–but set limits. 5 min, 3x/day is plenty. Mix RTs, TYs, links, dialogue, self-promo @ShelHorowitz
  49. Fans+followers need a reason to interact with you, so share a cool article, ask a compelling question or simply offer up a deal! @mschmulen
  50. Be human, post some pics from around the office to lighten it up. @N8TER8TER
  51. Be genuine. Be responsive. Be resourceful with content you Tweet. Hold contests. Offer giveaways. And post really cute pictures of yourself. @ButlerBlue2
  52. Social media is not just broadcasting, it requires listening, responding & participating in the convos with those you hope to influence @mschmulen
  53. You know why we have one mouth and two ears. Remember that when using social media, you need to listen & respond to what people say @mschmulen
  54. Offer unique and valuable content.  It may seem obvious, but many businesses simply dont do it. @MelissaCenker
  55. Connect, share, & discuss. Be an expert in your industry. Have a personality @definedlogicllc
  56. Focus on quality rather than quantity of followers: reaching 200 ppl interested in ur brand = more benefit than 2000 ppl who could care less @SerenaJM
  57. Stay clear of too much automation. You cant automate engagement. @pandemiclabs
  58. Ask questions and engage your followers! Twitter is about joining the conversation not just holding your own @excelamktg
  59. Whether it be coupon codes, advice, or laughs; give your audience something in return for their follow. @KinseySchofield
  60. Inspire your followers. Positive affirmation is a great way to have your content redistributed by others.  @KinseySchofield
  61. Showcase real life friendships. Your silliness, love, and relationships will shine through and attract similar people.  @KinseySchofield
  62. Stay opinionated on hot topics! It will attract a new audience and create redistributed content. @KinseySchofield
  63. I always put myself in the reader’s shoes “What would I want to read?” I engage, make you laugh, make you think and be real @Brewhouse
  64. Before using #socialmedia, develop a strategy that ties to your #marketing goals @thundertech
  65. Know your community before you engage @michaelnewhouse
  66. Don’t just join the conversation – spark it @rickmathieson
  67. Getting overwhelmed by social media platforms will stop u in your tracks. Pick one-get some help & learn a strategy-then start the next one @PaysonCooper
  68. Extensive social media plans are a waste of time if you don’t have the manpower for upkeep on a weekly basis. @gypsywing
  69. Set a strategy. Know when you are updating, what your voice and message is, and your target audience. @DoughNuttz
  70. Its cliche but whats good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. Use a social media tool to meet your goals, not because someone else uses it. @ariherzog
  71. Be open to learning. Social Media changes all the time–learn how to use the new stuff to stay relevant and learn the right way. @MyCorporation
  72. Make use of services like #Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts. @kg_photography
  73. Every business should use social media for customer support. If done regularly, it’s a great alternative to support through phone and email. @GOVTAUCTIONS
  74. Be the expert and provide expert advice but explain things as if you’re learning about it for the first time. @MarketingMaven2
  75. Our best #socialmedia tip: Get your facts straight and apply humor as needed. Tweet interesting material and tweet often! @maguiremedia
  76. Today, the most important contact info a call center collects isn’t a customer’s phone customer reps who know biz rules, laws, SLAs should do it @rickmathieson
  77. To maximize the value of interactions, brands need to capture, track & capitalize on a new metric in each customer record: social influence @rickmathieson
  78. The most successful social marketing initiatives aren’t based on conversations, they’re based on defined events rather, how brands can enable consumers to connect w/each other @rickmathieson
  79. Contrary to popular perception, a social media crisis does not (necessarily) equal a real one-respond carefully based on real-world impact @rickmathieson
  80. Social media is not a replacement for effective customer service – if you want to get cutting edge, start there @rickmathieson
  81. Social media marketing is a daily practice, like kung fu or violin. Do it every day, and youre guaranteed success. Patience, my son. @margelit
  82. Turn users with negative experiences into brand champions and build trust by being responsive to negative tweets as well as positive. @TheGMDGang
  83. Use the medium (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) that works best for you – it is your megaphone to the world – and it is free – just do it! @jschaus
  84. Always include a strong call to action in your Facebook posts or tweets telling your audience what you want them to do. @hmschwartz
  85. Comment on your peers blog posts, like their FB pages & be active in online conversations. But dont be spammy! Avoid shameless plugs. @Merchantloans
  86. Manners matter online! Begin relationships by adding a personal introduction to your invitations. No one wants to receive a generic intro. @missfitts
  87. Social media is the world’s largest focus group. Start listening (and asking) today for free via Google Alerts & SocialMention. @KentjLewis
  88. Social media offers an affordable customer service platform. Make sure your CSRs are monitoring text-decoration @KentjLewis
  89. Find a relevant article and localize it to your business in a tweet, i.e. articles about video email give me a chance to reference mailVU! @mailVU
  90. Track your conversations and tag the people you communicate with for easier message targeting. @smallact
  91. Include a call to action – ask directly for a response or other desired outcome. @KellyTherese
  92. Know your followers. Research their interests and what motivates them. @KellyTherese
  93. Seek out ideal followers with keyword searches, and get found by using these keywords. @KellyTherese
  94. Use a tool to discover the best days/times to post or Tweet, based on your follower base. @KellyTherese
  95. Test, measure, analyze, optimize, adjust if necessary, repeat. @KellyTherese
  96. Take complaints seriously. Due to the viral nature of social media, these things can snowball if not addressed. @KellyTherese
  97. DON’T send an auto-DM after a new follow. Instead, send an @ mention. It helps break the ice, and is a great 1st step towards engagement @brelow
  98. Tweet authoritative articles frequently. @pacelattin
  99. Use twitpic and post dynamic photos of your product or event. Couple with interesting copy, and people will retweet. @miaspizzaneats
  100. Interact or die.  Its not “Spam Your Media” Its “Social Media,” reach out and connect with your tweeps. @MonstarPR
  101. Set your Twitter profile URL to be a dedicated landing page for your Twitter followers rather than your standard website homepage @colettemason
  102. Provide great product-service-content, answer fast , answer flat, be consistent, monitor, care, thank, and stay cool @PostPlanner
  103. Tweet with a purpose or goal in mind @ilissanyc
  104. Want more Facebook “Likes”? Combine a Facebook Ad with a Contest on your Facebook page. @HarleyRivet
  105. Share pictures on Facebook, it will double your impressions @N8TER8TER
  106. Ask a question along with every link you share to drive engagement @N8TER8TER
  107. Track click on your links by using Google’s URL Builder to add analytics (http://bit.ly/qqIMdN) @N8TER8TER
  108. Respond to customer questions immediately, so they feel connected @N8TER8TER
  109. Respond quickly to negative comments so you can stop the negative before it gets out of hand. @N8TER8TER
  110. Use a call to action to promote engagement, like this, retweet this, etc. @N8TER8TER
  111. Share content that your users want, you’ll learn this by tracking clicks with analytics @N8TER8TER
  112. Don’t sell your product in every post, you lose fans and followers @N8TER8TER
  113. Drive excitement and buzz with contests and giveaways @N8TER8TER
  114. Don’t share old content, your fans want fresh exclusive content @N8TER8TER
  115. Try a large variety of content to see what appeals to your fans the most @N8TER8TER
  116. Post off topic items every once in a while to keep your fans on their toes @N8TER8TER
  117. Lookin to move from an ignored product to preferred brand; listen to & engage in relevant dialogue to build increased interest in your brand @PretzelCrisps
  118. Include your social media handles on traditional print materials too – biz cards, brochures, etc! @alexpeerenboom
  119. When tweeting, you’ll always want to leave extra characters so your tweet can be retweeted without being altered. @jwmcphee
  120. Pause. Reflect. Incite. Compel. And never get on til youre sure that youre ready to go. If you need to know more, read from the beginning. @pandemiclabs

Please share your favorite tweetable social media tip in the comment section below.

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