10 Smart Google Apps To Manage Social Media

Google Apps is bliss for online businesses these days. It is a complete suite of IT solutions applications that helps businesses run online. It allows people to integrate Gmail, Drive, Calendar etc with their own domains. These applications by Google cover a number of business categories from project management, accounting and finance to sales and marketing. Its collaborative features and its comparatively lesser cost make coordinating a business unit easy.

Google Apps offers a number of tools for social media management and marketing as well. Below is the list of social media apps:

1.       BloggUpp

It is a huge blog network and a platform to promote content through various channels e.g. social networks cross posting, interactive blog widget, blog directory and content discovery toolbar. BlogUpp is very easy to setup and manage. Users are only required to submit the URL to get started. This application is basically modeled to connect a blog community to social media distribution network.

Charges: The application is a freeware however premium versions come with a price.

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2.       FYREBOX

Fyrebox allows you to create simple quizzes and games for your websites to make it more engaging for the visitors. It is also known as Facebook marketing system that allows you to maintain a strong online presence. Fyrebox allows users to interact and engage on social websites by actively participating in quizzes, games, contests and competitions. This is one way of expanding your mailing list and initiate live engagement. These games are also a doorway to access in depth analytics through statistics page. Five types of games are available in Fyrebox and the good news is that coding is not a prerequisite to create a game.

Charges: This great package comes with an offer of free 50 plays per month. However, for regular usage price rate starts from $15 per month.

 3.       WISHPOND

This is a complete, all in one suite of applications for online marketing for brands and retailers. It includes eight types of social media campaigns; sweepstakes, photo contests, and group offers being most popular. Fans are required to like the page before they can actually intermingle with the app and this is done through a button “Like to See”. The viewers can also fill in the custom forms in order to sign up for related emails.

Charges: This app comes with an initial 14 days trial. However price for acquiring this app starts from $19 per month.

4.       ZOHO Campaigns


Zoho is online CRM and marketing automation software. It provides its users with a blend of automated marketing and social media marketing at a throw away price. It offers creative templates to make the campaigns creation less taxing and more attractive. The best part is that with Zoho campaign’s segmentation users can target the right audience of their choice. It features options to schedule posts on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. It also assists in viewing real time statistics.

Charges: The app use is free for up to 500 contacts and 2,500 emails per month. Premium plans start at $5 per month.

5.       TWEASY

The Tweasy application has been created to gather all the latest news that the merchants, clubs and associations have to share. This is the single spot where you can find recent news about almost everything. It would not be wrong to say that this application is meant for spreading the word and if you constantly want latest news, Tweasy is the right resort. Businesses can advertise their offers, publish new coupons, launch contests and collect customer feedback online via emails, websites, social networks or mobiles using Tweasy. It therefore, enables you to reach more potential customers and at any time you like. With Tweasy, users can order products and register to newsletters or contests.

Charges: The price for this distinguished app is $29 per month.

6.       OnFast Social Marketing

OnFast is a social media management solution, especially considered and developed for small businesses. It assists users by enabling them to manage and monitor social networks from a single console. Multiple social networks can be updated at the same time; posts can be scheduled in advance and coupons can be created and published for social networks. A reporting feature is available to view and analyze statistics. This application also assists to collect customer emails when a coupon is redeemed.

Charges: 30 days free trial is offered to customers. Premium plans vary depending on the size of the business; small, medium or enterprise.

7.       Rapportive

This application, also known as the “People Widget”, basically helps you understand your contacts, develop a rapport with them and communicate in a better way. Rapportive allows you to view information and data about emails, which is publicly available, directly from Gmail. This allows users to access contact’s photo, occupation, location, tweets and social media profiles. In short it makes your Gmail a better place.

Charges: This application is available Free of cost.

8.       DESK.COM


Considering today’s changing support environment, where customers not only talk to you but also about you Desk.com is the right choice, Desk.com features real time customer support by allowing you to handle both traditional communications and responding to social media. It provides incessant support to your customers via emails, live chats, Facebook, Twitter and phonecalls from a single dashboard. Mobile versions are also available for this rewarding application and they work on Android, iOs and blackberry.

Charges: This application is available for $3 per month for up to 3 people.

 9.       e5: Google Apps + WordPress

WordPress users longing to integrate WordPress with Google Apps for business purposes should ease their backs, as e5: Google Apps + WordPress is here. It is an advanced open source plugin that connects the power of WordPress to the ecosystem of Google Apps. Now files from Google drive can be easily embedded, photos can be posted to sites directly from Picasa and posts can be scheduled in advance using Google Calender.

Charges: This app is a freeware.

10.   Web2Press

Web2Press acts as an assistant to online business to monitor and manage social networks. In addition is also helps businesses to integrate with customer relation management (CRM) programs. Web2Press also lets its users monitor their products and level of competition in the market.

Charges: This app’s price is listed as negotiable.

Google Apps for social media and marketing is a glaring invention which has made it easy for people and enterprises to work faster and smarter with readymade easy to use solutions and manage their IT infrastructure by spending less time. By removing time consuming bottlenecks one can devote his time to the work that really matters. And since mobility is very crucial in today’s ever changing environment, Unlike Magento Extensions for social media, Google Apps Suite enables its users to find solutions that can be accessed from any device by saving all your work in the cloud. Moreover, one does not have to long for years to receive product upgrades; instead Google Apps is automatically updated every time users log in, and provide them all the new features at the instant they become available. Last but not the least Google provides support to its customers for 24 hours at every day of the year, in their own language.

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