10 Must Have Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

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  • Great post Ian, it’s always a pleasure to get your insights on best practices and tools.

    We really appreciate the mention of http://commun.it in your post, we are very excited to give such value!


    • Thanks, Sharel. I couldn’t include a list of must have tools without mentioning Commun.it- it is central to my workflow and saves me so much time each day. I hope readers of this article get the chance to give it a go – they certainly won’t regret it!

  • Hi Ian

    First of all many thanks for mentioning us. Secondly, thanks for introducing some of the services I was not aware of. Thirdly I like to share some of the on-going changes exclusively here with you and your readership.

    1. We now have over 100,000 user accounts from 202 countries with over 100,000 documents. From these 100k, 35% have uploaded 1 or more documents.

    2. Popular markets for edocr remains, USA, India and UK with sudden influx of visitors from China, which we are considering as an anomaly rather than the norm.

    3. One of the problems we and everyone in the market suffer is from low quality document content. Most of us do not speak about this, but this is a significant problem due to operating a freemium model.

    Some of these users have continued to misuse document categories which we use to list the documents on our directory http://www.edocr.com/explore. We have started a program of only displaying documents from approved accounts on our directory. This means vetting almost 35,000 accounts, which will take a significant amount of resources and time.

    This task is proving to be beneficial to us in two ways:

    1. We can re-organise categories and sub-categories. Good example is combining Technology Category with Business Software Category. This is now called, “Computing, Technology, Software & Internet”. Bit of a mouthful, but hopefully, everyone understands whether their documents fall into this category or not.

    We also introduced, following sub-categories

    – Business Software Solutions
    – Cloud Computing & Hardware Solutions
    – Nano Technology
    – Setting up & Growing Tech Companies
    – Software Development & Programming

    Each of above sub-categories have even more sub-categories

    2. This task is helping us to re-discover quality documents in edocr, and then the companies and users behind them. This is exactly what edocr is about – let me repeat

    “edocr let you discover individuals, companies, products and services through documents.”

    Ian, happy to grab a beer sometime and explain our plans for the next 6 months. Going forward, the focus is on quality rather than the quantity, as we believe, 100,000 is a good number to work with.

    Once again, thanks for the post

    Best regards

  • Fantastic list!, This are very useful tools which some of them I’m not aware of. I can save more time and effort doing my blogs. Thank you for sharing this one. Appreciated.

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