10 Minutes Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

Social media is one of the largest factors involved in search engine optimization and brand building for businesses today. If you are not currently promoting your business, brand or affiliate product using popular social media and Web 2.0 websites then you are losing traffic, subscribers, and most importantly sales! So keep reading to learn a few fast ways to get a big response from your social media marketing efforts. Remember all these tasks can be completed in less than 10 minutes, so you can literally fit these tasks in before breakfast and start to see results faster than you would think.

5 Day Workweek in Social Media

You will find some simple tasks listed below. If you are motivated webmaster or internet marketer you may want to do more, but if you can implement these strategies from Monday to Friday you will be able to start growing a social media machine that will be a force to reckon with in no time at all. The problem with social media for many people is the simple fact that they start using it and then drop it and come back. This is not a good way to utilize social tools. Most social sites carry weight in search engine results because they are an up to the second feed of new data, so you want to position yourself where you can ride that wave, not get swallowed by it.

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Day 1

Create Accounts.Yes, you have to start somewhere some are going to start off by creating one account on the largest social networks in the planet; Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When you create these accounts make sure to take your time choosing a keyword rich username, profile heading and remember to add your main site link to your profile before you do a thing. Once your profile is ready you need to add some people so use your email or connect to any sites that will let you automatically pull in your friends or business partners fast.

Day 2

Ok, you have an account now what? To start, you will want to start looking around for groups, boards, lists and pages that you can become associated with that are on topic of the niche that you are marketing too. This will position your account to get the right signals from search engines and will also expose you and your profile to interested members of the social network you chose to start with in the first week of your social marketing campaign.

Day 3

It’s time to really start interacting with the people that you have friended, followed or otherwise connected with. Comment on others comments or pictures and videos. This is a good way to break the ice. If you see a friend in a group that is about what you are promoting, ask them to visit your page on the social network you are currently on or your main website. Don’t be pushy and give them a real reason why they should visit. You can also become part of the conversation, discussions and more —today if you still have time!

Day 4

Start building solid content on the network; remember you don’t have to add a link to your site on every update you make. Actually, it is better if you don’t. In most cases it is generally accepted that only about 30% of your posts should be promotional if not less. When promoting your own product make sure to offer free items or valuable information to your followers or they will simply quit clicking. It’s also time to consider some cheap but effective tools. ‘Like’ plugins and other social features can be easily added to your website to boost your following on your social networks automatically.

Day 5

This is the last day in the first cycle so remember that once you finish on day five’s tasks, you will just start back at the beginning next week! Today we start building authority to your main profile page by sharing it with friends in email, posting a short blog post about the social network landing page (profile) or going to social bookmarking sites to bookmark your own profile.

Social media efforts can be done in just 10 minutes a day, are you missing audience that is ready and willing to listen and buy your products or services? Share your small biz diamonds in the comments section below.

Have a successful day!

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  • It’s great the pinterest added to the storefront shopping. Not sure how long it takes to get people interested in my items. I launched it yesterday. I get impressions but no comments. Price points for items are fair. I don’t know how to discount as a special through pay pal.
    Any suggestions

  • fran says:

    I wish I could convey to my clients how important it is to do on a consistent basis. Thanks Ludwing

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