10 Golden Rules To get Employees on Board With Social Media

You want to start with Social Media but your employees are not all that keen on the idea? Here are 10 golden rules that might help you to pursuade your employees to get on board before you start building your Social Media strategy.

Provide training and education
Help any existing prejudices and preconceived ideas about Social Media out of the way. Teach them how you can influence what is said about your company through the use of Social Media. The digital world changes very quickly so staying up to date and educated is necessary for your long term success. Here is a great video which you might want to show your employees.

Show the benefits of Social Media
Nearly every department can benefit from having access to social media.

    • Sales can network and share remarkable content with prospects and clients
    • Marketing/PR can influence what is said about your company and generate leads
    • Human resources can use social media to recruit talent
    • Employees in other departments can use it to advocate your brand and company news or claim expertise in their field

Create a Social Media newsletter
Send out a regular Social Media newsletter to all employees with the results of all their Social Media efforts. E.g. outstanding blog articles, increase in webtraffic or leads/opportunities that were a direct result from a Social Media campaign.

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Respect the way employees incorporate Social Media
One has a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account, the other hardly knows what Social Media is. Adjust your expectations to specific employees. Each has its own qualities. An employee who has an aversion to social media can be just as much valuable to your organization than an employee who tweets regularly.

Provide access to Social Media
The ongoing debate as to whether or not employees should have access to social media at work has yet to be settled. There are valid arguments for both sides; but ignoring a powerful marketing channel altogether may not be in your company’s best interest. If possible dedicate one person in your organisation to take the lead when it comes to all aspects of Social Media.

Have a Social Media Policy in Place
Working with social media, you need to make sure that the employees involved in your online presence know what to do. What are your company’s guidelines for social media? What can be said, and what should not be shared with the public? I cannot stress the importance of a policy enough! This needs to be in place before you execute your Social Media strategy in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Here is a great example of Adidas.

Dare To Let go
If you have a Social Media Policy and Strategy in place and employees know what to do, you do not have to worry that things go wrong once your employees start to use Social Media.

Be Active on Social Media
No matter how busy a CEO (or any other senior Executive) is, he or she needs to be socially active and lead by example. Social media can spread awareness about how you use business as a force for good. It also allows you to share the lessons you’ve learned in business, as people are always keen to find ways to be better at what they do.

Continue Training and Education
Organize regular meetings to stay up to date with the latest. Not only for new employees but also for all the other employees. As said The digital world changes very quickly so staying up to date and educated is necessary for your long term success.

Create involvement in Social Media
Address the benefits for your employees and empower them. Stress the fact that proper social media training is good for employees’ individual careers and give them the tools necessary to be successful. Make sure that every part of the organization is looped in. Find a way of sharing information and collaborate around it.

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