10 Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing

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  • Gerardo, this is such excellent, clear-headed advice. I especially love the point about Social Media ROI. Suppose twenty-five years ago, when websites were just getting popular, businesses had asked, “Well, what’s the ROI of having a website and if we don’t know, why should we do it?” Sometimes you’ve just got to trust that the world is changing and you’ve got to change with it!

    • Jeniece

      25 years ago was 1989. I can promise you “websites were not just getting popular” as there was no such thing as a browser and the internet really only existed for the military. Perhaps a little understanding of (recent) web history might make be useful in order to realize that social, like websites and email before them have to be put in the context of an overall value and relationship with the only person that really matters, the customer – not the marketing chief, CFO or the “this time it’s different newbie”.

      P.S. – it’s always different each time if you don’t learn anything from history

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