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UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Shares Lingerie Photos On Instagram (Photos)

UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Shares Lingerie Photos On Instagram (Photos) image ronda rousey

Ronda Rousey spends most of her time in the ring but she’s starting to get used to standing in front of the camera. In addition to landing a role in the new Entourage movie, Rousey is also doing some modeling. The female fighter shared some lingerie photos on Instagram this week.

Rousey worked with Brian Bowen Smith this week to pose for some sexy black and white photos. She took a few photos on this matress-less bed …

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Before moving on to an equally cool / uncomfortable chair.

Rousey writes: I don’t know where @brianbowensmith found an old 50′s hair dryer in an alley but it looked cool Ronda Rousey Shares Lingerie Photosicon smile Ronda Rousey Shares Lingerie Photos it was quite an interesting first shoot lol #tbt

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the UFC fighter has taken off her gloves to pose for some sexy photos. Rousey has also appeared in ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue.

Rousey may be expanding her horizons by posing for lingerie photos and snatching up Hollywood movie roles, but don’t think for a second that she’s gone soft. Ronda is still one of the most feared fighters in the UFC.

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