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Twitter Looks To Former Google Employee For Better Mobile Presence

Twitter Looks To Former Google Employee For Better Mobile Presence image twitter daniel graf

Twitter has been a publicly-traded company for just over six months now, and today added former Google employee Daniel Graf as its VP of Consumer Product.

Graf comes from a major background in mobile, functioning as CEO of online and mobile video platform Kyte for six years until it was acquired in January 2011.

Working on Google Maps for the past two years, he made the pun-full announcement on none other than Twitter:

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According to GigaOM, Graf was a big influence in helping Google bring its Maps app back to iOS shortly after the whole Apple Maps debacle that made ancient GPS devices look good.

Like Facebook, Twitter is now a mobile-first company with 75 percent of its revenue via the devices we can’t get enough of, and one can be sure that Daniel Graf’s expertise will be put to great use.

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