Kristen Merlin Overshadows the Power House Vocalists


No one will argue that this season of “The Voice” is jam packed with power house vocalists like  Sisaundra Lewis, Tess Boyer, Bria Kelly, Kat Perkins, and Christina Grimmie. Tonight, Kristen Merlin over shadowed the rest of the top 12, even the power house vocalists, in the live show. Don’t read between the lines here: everyone did amazing tonight. I think this is the best competition “The Voice” has seen in a long time, but I really feel like this was Kristen Merlin’s break through night. 

While the others tried to showcase the depth and range of their long notes (with the exception of Jake Worthington and Josh Kaufman, but you know how I feel about those guys!), Kristen Merlin showed a vulnerable and sweet side to her voice that made me stop everything I was doing and just listen.  She showcased a different side of her voice that we haven’t seen before by singing “Stay” by Sugarland. After hearing so many powerful voices, I was relieved to hear something so raw, soft and sweet.

There was a slight technical malfunction during her performance, but she pressed on and continued completely unphased by the fact her mic unexpectedly cut out. She showed incredible perseverance and talent in her performance tonight. In fact, Kristen received a standing ovation not only from the audience, but also from all 4 coaches. Some may focus on the imperfections of the technology during her performance, but the absolutely flawless perfection in her singing is the real story here. In fact, Jennifer Nettles herself (the lead singer of Sugarland), her coach Shakira, and former peers from “The Voice” took to Twitter to comment on Kristen Merlin’s performance. 

One aspect of Kristen’s performance made me sad tonight: that she feels that her physical image doesn’t fit with a country artist or that it somehow may hold her back. I couldn’t disagree more. As a country fan, we need a switch up. We need Kristen Merlin in the country music scene. We need someone new and exciting and she fits the bill perfectly! She has such a versatile voice and I really hope that America votes her through to next week. Powerful vocals don’t always take the cake when it comes to America’s votes. Vulnerability is just what we needed to hear tonight to break up all of the amazing power performances. 

Kristen Merlin, country music needs you!

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