Facebook Messenger Hoax: Illegal Conversations Are Being Automatically Sent To Police

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  • The principle here is that Facebook is monitoring messages, period. A proper analogy would be Google actively monitoring your email for any trigger words related to child pornography or sexual offense. Or better yet, your phone calls being monitored for “homeland security”.

    Are they reasonably going to be looking for every illegal activity? No, but there’s nothing stopping them from it either. Or for false positives. In the end your privacy is still being circumvented.

    It doesn’t matter that they claim it’s “only to catch sexual predators”, the very reality that Facebook is policing my activity is revolting. Calling them “safety measures” is just a cheap marketing tactic to obfuscate that.

    Simply friending my cousin’s 14yr old daughter now labels me a potential predator and gives Facebook staff the freedom to violate my privacy and sift through my personal messages.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Actually that isn’t true. They are not monitoring everyone who friends a 14 year old girl. Their algorithm looks for people who all of a sudden are friending a bunch of kids, and then reaching out to them with trigger words. It’s not an examination of full conversations, it’s an analysis of behavioral patterns that correlate to common predatory patterns.

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