Ddendyl Hoyt: “The Voice” Underdog

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  • I am so happy that Ddendyl has had such a positive response. She is a remarkable young woman. For me and others she is our local girl. The first time I heard her sing was at Christmas Eve in church. Her voice blew me away then. So, please when the voting starts pick those phones or text in those votes. Give her a chance to share that beautiful voice with world.

  • I remember the first time I ever heard Ddendyl sing — it was years ago at our son’s elementary school Christmas concert. All of the families in attendance were so proud to hear carols being sung by the children’s choir. Then Ddendyl came to the front to sing a solo — I can’t even describe the reaction that everyone felt to hearing her voice — amazing, beautiful, soul-touching doesn’t even come close. I hope that by being on The Voice she has the opportunity to further share her gift and grow into the performance artist she wants to be. All the best Ddendyl!

  • Ddendyl you rocked it!!! Your “Stand by Me” blew us away..the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!! Incredible talent. It must be that Hungarian gene, too…ha ha!!!

  • I got a chance to see her in the Washington D.C. area last Nov. Just got lucky and went to the right lounge I guess. I saw the beauty and talent back then. There were rumblings about a “TV show” or something…but man this is just fantastic. I’m a fan for sure!!!

  • We were so excited that you made it through Ddendyl. You have an amazing voice. We can’t wait to see you perform again. The Castile community will be cheering you on.

  • I saw Ddendyl on “The Voice” for the first time last night, and for those my age, I thought of Phoebe Snow and a bit of Tracy Chapman. After visiting her website and listening further, I think she’s a very unique artist who conveys a lot of feeling and has excellent control over volume and pitch. Good luck, Ddendyl, here’s hoping you go far in your career.

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