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80% Of Social Media B2B Leads Come From LinkedIn (Infographic)

80% Of Social Media B2B Leads Come From LinkedIn (Infographic) image linkedin b2b

Social media continues to grow as a lead generation avenue, and according to a new infographic from Oktopost, 80 percent of B2B leads were through LinkedIn.

Oktopost is a social media marketing platform, and analyzed over 100,000 posts spread across four major social networks.

Here’s the percentage of B2B leads generated through each social network:

  • LinkedIn – 80.33 percent
  • Twitter – 12.73 percent
  • Facebook – 6.73 percent
  • Google+ – 0.21 percent

According to Oktopost, B2B leads are most likely to convert between 1 and 4 PM.

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Here are the most popular posting methods on LinkedIn to generate leads, followed by conversions:

  • Discussion Groups – 96.22 percent of posts, 86.30 percent of conversions
  • Company Pages – 0.59 percent of posts, 10.07 percent of conversions
  • Personal Profiles – 3.20 percent of posts, 3.63 percent of conversions

The average length of a B2B-related LinkedIn post is 248 characters, and one out of every three posts contains a question mark in its subject line.

80% Of Social Media B2B Leads Come From LinkedIn (Infographic) image linkedin b2b infographic

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  1. Mike Holland says:

    Interesting figures. Can you share any of the underlying data or research methodology?

  2. Mark Lerner says:

    Hi Mike,

    We utilized internal data from our platform on how B2B marketers are using social media to generate leads. This was taken from several 100,000s of posts. If you have more questions, you can check out more info on Oktopost ( or you can email me directly at

  3. John says:

    Can you share how you are defining “lead” and “conversion”?

  4. Mark Lerner says:

    Our platform, Oktopost, can “Capture” leads/conversions that have been generated from social. ie – if someone clicks a link you post through Oktopost, and eventually registers for your product, service, event etc… once they fill out the form, utilizing the code we provide that you input into the backend of your form, we are able to connect the post that “converted” the lead. For more info, you can check out our website


  5. Tom Blue - Lead411 says:

    Not shocking on the high conversions on company pages.

    If you think about most of the time you go to a company page on Linkedin is because you know about that company and want to know more. It is similar to a “direct” visitor to your site vs someone who came in thru a random search term on google. People that know your brand are more likely to convert.

  6. Anika Davis says:

    True! LinkedIn publishing help companies to put their content in the hands of relevant professionals. At the same time, an expanding array of premium searches and filters are helping users to take a more proactive approach to acquiring new business on LinkedIn. It comes as no surprise that over 80% of B2B social media conversions come from LinkedIn. It seems LinkedIn is definitely the best platform to do so..

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