Top 3 Reasons to Use Instagram For Marketing

Instagram is increasing in appeal as trends fall further in favor of images.

The convenience of mobility and omnipresence of smartphones explains the sites evolving fame. For brands, this means more ways to reach on-the-go users – plus room for visual creativity.

Although Instagram’s future seemed uncertain between the dropped Twitter support and photo privacy controversy, the photo sharing network has recovered its popularity gracefully. In fact, nearly 60% of major brands are now using Instagram.

The top brands on Instagram, by followers, are:

1. MTV — 1.14 million

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2. Starbucks — 1.1 million

3. Nike — 880,000

4. Burberry — 660,000

5. Tiffany & Co. — 364,000

Along with the other 100 million monthly active users, these brands have the opportunity to express their messages and connect through images. Even smaller brands can utilize the social tool by way of sharing content and company insight as well as interacting with users.

Your brand should have a presence on Instagram for the three following reasons:

Photo Sharing: Obvious, but necessary. Instagram cuts out all of the excess content and clutter present on other social networks and focuses on the images. Whether raw, filtered or edited, the photos shared on the site should prompt action. This is a valuable form of advertising for brands – share your products and services in an interesting way!
Cross-Promotion: Take your photo sharing across numerous networks – share images on sites like Facebook and Twitter (even without the image card, it still shares the link in the tweet). This increases your audience reach and brand visibility. The power of cross-promotional engagement for brands is shown below:

instagram marketing 1

Trending Topics: Instagram is like an artsy fortune-teller: it predicted and then catapulted the food-sharing, cupcake-centric era. The social network provides an insight into user trends and interests in a unique way. This information can be beneficial for all facets of business in understanding your audience demographics. You also want to stay up-to-date with the hot topics, keeping your brand relevant.

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