The Social CRM 30-Minute Checklist

StopwatchWe’re all busy.

You probably don’t even have time to read this entire post and will therefore be skimming the subheads to see if this content is important for you today.

I totally get it. I’m the same way.

My time is spent trying to balance what’s vital to my job performance and what is worthy of my taking a break to enjoy (like Collective Soul cat).

So, how in the world am I supposed to expect you to take the time not only to read these posts twice a week, but actually take the steps necessary to implement all the things we talk about?

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I would have to be crazy to think that you and your teams have just got hours a day to test out new tactics and strategies.

How about this?

What if I were to give you a checklist of things you could do once or twice a week that would move you forward to achieving your Social CRM dreams? And what if this checklist wouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes to accomplish?

We covered a version of this with our SDAs, but this may be even more easy to manage if you’re still putting up a fuss.

Would that help?

I thought so. Here goes!

The Jugnoo Social CRM 30-Minute Checklist for Busy Businesses

Sure, the name needs some work, but you get the idea.


  • Choose one Social CRM System to review and read their “About Us/Company” and “Services/Products” Pages (if you don’t know where to start, start here.)
  • Google search one new vertical channel (discussion groups, forums, blogs) that relates to your business. Join it.
  • Choose one current business goal and write out how a Social Business goal could be applied to it.
  • Take 10 minutes to read the most recent conversations and posts on the latest vertical site you discovered.


  • Post responses in 3 forums or discussion groups on conversations you have read in an area you are proficiently knowledgeable.
  • Share a blog post or conversation thread on your company’s Facebook Timeline and Twitter that you found particularly helpful/insightful.
  • Respond to 10 conversations on your company’s social channels (Facebook comments, Tweets, LinkedIn updates, whatever)
  • Use Followerwonk (or your chosen Social CRM solution) to follow 10 new people on Twitter that are leaders in your industry.

That’s it, your checklist. Not too long and not too hard. I see no reason you couldn’t take the time to do this twice a week.

Print out this post and post it near your desk. Set up a reminder using Siri or your chosen desktop calendar and remind yourself.

The only reason I can see why you wouldn’t take the time would be if you didn’t really care that much about updating your business, and in that case, I’m surprised you’ve read this far.

Another week, another bout of homework. I hope you’re up for it. I know I am.


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