The Rise of Social Selling

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  • The way I see it is that social media, in a business sense, has to be about sales. Not directly, no one wants to be sold to, or shouted at by anyone. This separates the bad social media marketing from the good.

    Take a look at this article on explaining that 57% of the traditional sales process has been removed and taken over by online research by the buyer. No one wants to be prospected anymore; people will look for you when they need you.

    This is why SEO, content, and your presence online is vital. The better your online presence the more likely you’ll be found. I wrote an article recently, which you can find here, which tries to explain as clear as possible how social media can improve sales. You need it to be lead nurturing and generating process. This is what social selling is about in my opinion.

    If you create an online presence that helps your target audience as much as possible and they will trust you before they’ve even talked to you.

  • I think many businesses took that sudden leap of faith with social selling that they forgot about social customer service.. and we all know that in business, making your customers happy is not an option – it is a must. This is why we see lots of disputes arise and worse still, bad reviews spreading like wildfire on the Web it tarnishes your reputation ( and to some, beyond repair ).

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