The Future of Social Business and Why Social CRM Will Be Key

Social business and, by definition, Social CRM is still a relatively grey area for many businesses (and, even some of the key players in the market place advising businesses).

Yet, arguably, Social CRM is probably one of the most important aspects of being in the social space for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It doesn’t just relate to how you treat your customers – it also relates to how you understand them, as well as your internal customers (employees) and partner customers (contractors and stakeholders).

Without the knowledge of what matters to these people, as well as the connections of these folks – after all, social media and social business doesn’t just stop at the first customer – then businesses are at an immediate disadvantage.

It’s why the Jugnoo platform has always been built from the ground up with Social CRM and the social customer in mind.

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It’s also what drives our product release schedule – by listening to our users and customers, and the wishes of both parties when it comes to the businesses they service, we’re building not only hardware solutions but also mindset solutions, to help businesses be far more effective on the social web.

Upcoming solutions like Social Hub™, Ka’Ching™, Swarm™ and more will redefine how businesses and customers interact with each other, as well as making it incredibly easy for businesses of all sizes and expertise to understand what the information means.

We’ll be sharing more of these solutions soon (we have a very aggressive release schedule for the summer) – but in the meantime, this graph below shows our belief in how Social CRM will define how successful businesses are in this new world.

Jugnoo Social CRM strategy

We’re ready for it – are you?

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