The Art Of Social Business. Social Media Ideas For Artists, Art Shows and Art Galleries.

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  • Hi, I’m an artist who exhibited at the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show. While it’s true that many of us could improve upon our social media savvy, I think your opening paragraph in which you stated that “none” of the 143 artists used social media is grossly overstated. Many of my fellow exhibitors have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. They frequently post about their current and upcoming exhibitions through these channels in addition to maintaining individual portfolio web sites. It’s regrettable that some of the encounters you had gave you out-of-date or incorrect information because the majority of successful artists are well aware of the importance of these marketing tools and they endeavor to use them in ways that make sense for their businesses. But since many of us are working alone, there’s a limit to what can be done by one individual. Please do not make blanket statements about us until you do more research and gain a fuller understanding.

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