Your Very Own Santa’s Helpers: How to Create a Social Culture in Your Organization

Season of Social blogYou’ve been a great Santa for your brand, dutifully spreading good cheer in social. As a community or social media manager you know just how important social media is to your company. And you also know that your company’s presence in social should go far beyond your corporate handle. Imagine how great it would be if everyone in your company shared your content or became your brand’s biggest ambassadors? You can put it on your holiday wish list or you can make it happen!

We discussed how to foster a social environment in our webinar, Turning Your Company Into a Social Team, with @SocialSteve and we turned the advice into a step-by-step guide for a gift to you this holiday season.

Here’s your holiday-themed guide to creating a social culture.

Get the North Pole on Board

Don’t wait for the executive team to encourage employees to get tweeting—it may never happen. Take initiative and explain to them the importance of creating a social culture in your organization. Walk them through your plan for getting employees on board and what support you’ll need from them.

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Spread the Social Cheer

Now that you have the go-ahead from the North Pole it’s time to show your teammates the value of social media. Personalize your social pitch for each individual department by showing key metrics and insights that would be of particular interest and use for their role. Show your product team what feature is getting the most attention in social. Detail to Public Relations how you’ve used social to defuse an issue. Or show Sales just how many prospects you’ve been able to identify. Once they see the value of social they’ll be more inclined to start participating.

Recruit Your Elves

Start the recruitment process by defining how employees can help your brand in social. Encourage people to share your brand’s content and give them tips for doing so effectively. Ask them to contribute content of their own that speaks to their expertise. Perhaps there is someone on the product team who loves explaining how things work. Let him detail a product feature to you, learn its importance and then explain why that content would be great to share in social. If he’s not convinced he could craft the content, write a rough draft for him to get the process started. The idea of starting a piece is much more intimidating than editing one.

Be a Secret Santa

Work with the North Pole to create corporate policies that encourage and reward employees for their social efforts. Keep the executive team informed on your best internal brand ambassadors and their successes so they can give them a public pat-on-the-back. Executive acknowledgment and praise can go a long way in cultivating a true social culture and encouraging others to participate. Everyone wants to emulate success.

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