How to Hire the Best Social Media Associate

Congratulations! Your company is now successful enough for you to afford hiring someone to take care of your social media accounts. In recent years, social media associates or specialists have gotten popular due to the effectiveness of a social media presence for business. This is a relatively new position and because of its infancy, it may lead hiring managers to employ the wrong people. Here are a few useful tips to help any business find the best person to deal with their social media accounts.

Focus on the applicant’s professional qualifications

An individual who is well-versed in social media on a personal scale is not necessarily the right person for the job. A lot of social media users that have a large following often got that way by being entertaining or fascinating and this may not translate well when applied to a corporate setting. You should look for people that have received professional training and certification. Your best bets are the people who exhibit maturity and are equipped with the necessary skills that will get your social media presence off the ground.

Ask them about the mistakes they may have made

One drawback of social media is that if you make a mistake, it seems like the whole world finds out about it in little to no time at all. Because of this, you are not likely to find a person that has never committed a mistake and suffered for it. Ask your candidate to be open and ask them what they learned from any flubs they made. This shows their honesty while teaching you a thing or two in the process.

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Ask them to walk you through their process

While it may be much more convenient to rely on the information on a candidate’s resume or what they tell you during an interview, it is wiser to request them to give you a sample of what they do on their social media accounts. Take a look at the management tools they use and ask them for reasons why they use them. You might be surprised at how adept an applicant with an underwhelming resume is or how sloppy an applicant with an impressive one might be.

See to it that there are no contradictions

Since you are going to be hiring the person to deal with your business’ social media accounts, there is no harm to take a look at the candidates personal and professional media accounts. If you see some things that seem off on their personal account, this could be a potential cause of headaches in the future. Someone who is applying for a job in social media should be able to display propriety in any networking site, personal and otherwise.

Enforce your social media strategy

When you get lucky and find the person that you feel will be a valuable addition to your workforce, it will be your turn to set down some rules. The person you just hired may be in charge of giving your company a voice but it is still up to you and other leaders to make sure that the plan you set out to do is followed. Establish the rules and codes of conduct and make sure your new hire does not just run amuck. One of your goals is to engage and attract people but you should not achieve that by resorting to cheap tricks.

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