How Social Collaboration Free Trials Can Benefit Your Business

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  • With the number of platforms now on the market it is essential that businesses can try them out to see what fits best and what better way than a free trial. Social collaborations tools are becoming more essential to businesses and also busy professionals in order to maximize productivity. It is essential that the platform is user friendly and we believe that we have developed such a platform, Tracky is a both a social collaboration and project management tool that allows you to do many things including share documents, chat online, post to external social media sites. We welcome feedback from our users and continue to add features in order to meet their needs.

  • Great article Michael. Trials are great but they can sometimes be deceiving. Because social collaboration tools often don’t ‘shine’ until they are deployed enterprise-wide, a free trial can sometimes be limiting if it is only used by one user. We have had a lot more success with customers getting a personalized demo. This not only allows them an immediate glimpse of the product, but it also determines within minutes if this is a solution that will fit their environment.

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