3 Reasons Why Your Business Must Be Social

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  • Hi Erin,

    Yes – I do agree. Most businesses today can’t afford not to have an online presence never the less engagement online in various social networks and channels. When it comes to marketing and the ROI potential, Being social on the web is one of the best ways to increase the value of your marketing exposure and ROI whilst being able to grow your own network of users and customers.

  • Erin, you’ve got valid points here though I may have to say that in line with item no.1, businesses who are online don’t exist… online. There are many fast and simple ways to connect with your customers offline that many have ignored in the name of digital innovation, or so they say. While social media platforms are great for delivering your messages faster, sometimes, it can be the very thing that alienates you from your customers – because in the end, it’s not how fast a service is, but how good it is that sticks to our minds and hearts. There are things you can’t automate. Just a thought.

  • Determining how much involvement you would take is also critical. Social Media could either help or hurt your business if not managed very well. Anything can be thrown at you online and it requires great skill and experience to turn everything at your favor.

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