Content Marketing and How It Helps Small Businesses

Content Flow Chart BlackboardContent marketing is becoming more and more popular as a tool for attracting customers resulting in awareness for your brand and information an individual is looking for. Here’s a look at what content marketing is and what it can do for your small business.

Content Marketing Is Educational

Content marketing is a tool used by businesses. The basic idea behind content marketing is that valuable content is posted with the intention of attracting customers. This type of marketing concentrates on giving possible customers new information that they can use in their life. Hence, it teaches them something, and the most important part is that it is free.

Content Marketing Is Not the Same as Copywriting

The purpose of copywriting is to get the customer to do something. More often than not, copywriting tries to convince a potential customer to purchase a product. On the other hand, content marketing’s aim is to give information that is valuable, but create that information in a manner in which it serves a marketing purpose. Underlining these distinct purposes, however, there is a common goal: to get possible customers acquainted with the product offered, and make them purchase it.

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Customers Are the Focus of Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t all about you or your business (though it does help point the readers towards your business). Instead, it’s all about your customers; it gives them valuable information that they can use in their lives. The reason it works so well is that people are generally not interested in hearing you talk for hours on end about how great you are. That bores them, which is one of the reasons copywriting can only do so much for your business. To go the extra mile, you have to keep in mind that people are much more likely to purchase from a business that has given them valuable and interesting information in the past. Additionally, content marketing tends to be ranked higher by Google, which means that it is easier for people to find you and your small business.

How Content Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

Content marketing creates awareness of your brand and can increase your business’s credibility and trustworthiness. The reason is that most often, people find themselves looking online for answers to their questions. Simply put, they search for information that is valuable. If they find it on your business’s site, a connection will be created between your business and the potential customer. When a connection is established, trust is more likely to follow, particularly if the content they found was really useful. Another reason why content marketing is such a useful tool for growing a business is that it is more likely to be shared on social media sites. People rarely (if ever) share copywriting they found online. However, if they find good content that really teaches them something, they might want to spread the word.

Content marketing can be a powerful marketing tool when used wisely. Its secret lies in helping both the business that created it and the individual who is in need of information, allowing for trust to build and making it more likely for that individual to make use of the business’s products if they need them.

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Comments: 4

  • Patrick McFadden says:

    I think content marketing is all the marketing that’s left…..that teaching your customers and giving your customers the resources to believe you is the new marketing.

    It’s all about building the new experience and what SMBs are starting to understand is if you really want to create a better product, service or company, create a better experience and wrap it around what you actually sell.

    Content Marketing is about creating content that works as marketing and that creates a better experience because you’re delivering independent value with content before you attempt to make the sale.

  • Ben Green says:

    I think that the next step in the development of marketing strategy is content distribution. Making sure that your content reaches the right audience and doesn’t get pushed aside into the internet abyss is key.
    We are seeing some startups that are addressing this issue and developing some great ideas around this..

    Thanks Jason for a great article!

  • Sarah says:

    Thanks for the advice! I can cerftainly use it for my small pet portrait business!

  • Mark Satterfield says:

    One of the real benefits of content marketing is that it allows you to provide results in advance. The more that we answer the most pressing questions our prospective clients have about solving their problems, the better we’re able to build trust and credibility. I think Jason is spot on with his comments

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